EDMONTON, ALBERTA — Champion Petfoods on Oct. 5 announced it has launched two new wet dog food lines in the Canadian pet food market: ACANA® Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food and ORIJEN® Premium Wet Dog Food.

"The demand for premium wet dog food continues to grow in Canada, because pet owners are looking for foods high in animal protein that even the pickiest of pets will love," said James Burns, director of marketing for Champion Petfoods in Canada. "Our wet food allows dogs to have a nutritious option that can be fed on its own as a full and balanced meal or can be used as a topper on our dry dog food."

These diets can be used in rotational feeding schedules for added hydration or fed as meal toppers to increase the palatability of a regular diet for “picky eaters,” Champion stated.

ACANA Premium Chunks is available in six recipes, featuring poultry, lamb, duck, beef and pork proteins, as well as a pâté diet for puppies. Products in this line are formulated with 85%* animal ingredients and 15%† fruits and vegetables, which are visibly apparent in these diets. They are set in a bone broth to add flavor.

ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food features 95%* premium animal ingredients including muscle meat, organs and bones. They are available in chicken, chicken and turkey, and chicken, turkey and fish formulations, each featuring large shreds of meat. The chicken and chicken and turkey recipes are also formulated with egg, and the chicken, turkey and fish recipe is specifically for puppies.

“Regardless of how pet lovers choose to feed these recipes ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food and ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food are terrific, flavourful meal options that also help dogs stay hydrated with higher moisture content,” Burns added.

These new wet diets will now be available in-store and online throughout Canada. The company first introduced these two wet dog food products in the US market in March 2021.

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*Approximate values and excludes water for processing
†Champion Petfoods also adds natural preservatives, stabilizers and other nutrients