EDMONTON, CANADA — Champion Petfoods, Inc. introduced six new dog products at Global Pet Expo Digital Access in March, including wet food formulas, a dry food designed for recently adopted rescue dogs, a freeze-dried food, a grain-inclusive formula and high-protein biscuit treats under its ACANA® and ORIJEN® brands.

ACANA Rescue Care is a veterinarian-developed formula to help shelter dogs transition to life with their new owners. The formula features fresh or raw animal ingredients, grains, fruits, vegetables and bone broth for added palatability. It is also fortified with prebiotics, fish oil, antioxidants, and botanicals such as chamomile, to support gut health, skin and coat health, immune system health and overall wellness.

The Rescue Care diet is available in two formulas: Free-Run Poultry, Liver and Whole Oats, and Red Meat, Liver and Whole Oats. Champion stated the free-run chickens and turkey sources are not caged and are allowed to move freely within a barn, but do not have outdoor access.

Champion’s new wet dog diets include ORIJEN Premium Wet Dog Food and ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food. The ORIJEN formula includes 85% animal ingredients, based on the company’s biologically appropriate WholePrey philosophy. It also includes essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

The ORIJEN Wet Dog Food diet features large shreds of real meat and is available in six recipes: Original, Chicken, Beef, Regional Red, Tundra and Puppy Plate.

ACANA Premium Chunks Wet Dog Food is made with 85% animal ingredients, with the remaining 15% consisting of fruits and vegetables. The diets feature proteins in a savory bone broth and can be fed as a complete-and-balanced meal or as a meal topper.

The new ACANA wet dog foods are available in six recipes: Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork, Duck and Puppy Plate.

“Pet lovers who have been feeding ORIJEN and ACANA dry food to their dogs have long been asking for a wet food,” said Jen Beechen, vice president of marketing for Champion Petfoods. “Many of them love the quality nutrition our brands offer, but also want to incorporate a wet component to diversify their dog’s meals, increase the moisture content in their dog’s overall diet to help them stay hydrated and use as an enticing meal topper for finicky eaters.

“…We’ve developed our ORIJEN and ACANA wet foods with a similar approach to our dry dog food – focusing on protein-rich and balanced nutrition featuring only high-quality ingredients,” Beechen added. “We chose to partner with a leading manufacturer with a long history of making quality canned food in North America to make the world’s best wet dog food.”

The company’s new ACANA Wholesome Grains dry dog foods “go beyond the first ingredient,” featuring 60% to 65% animal ingredients along with fiber-rich grains including oats, sorghum and millet. The diets do not include gluten, potato or legume ingredients.

Champion also states its Wholesome Grains diet is “heart-healthy,” fortified with a vitamin B and E blend, as well as added choline. This grain-inclusive line includes seven recipes: Red Meat and Grains, Free-Run Poultry and Grains, Sea-to-Stream Fish and Grains, Lamb and Pumpkin, Duck and Pumpkin, Small Breed and Puppy.

The company’s new ACANA Freeze-Dried Food is a raw alternative dog diet featuring 90% animal ingredients and infused with bone broth. This product comes in a patty format and can be served as a full meal or in morsels as a meal topper.

These new Freeze-Dried Food products are available in four formulas: Free-Run Chicken, Free-Run Turkey, Ranch-Raised Beef, and Duck.

Last but not least, new ACANA High-Protein Biscuits include only five ingredients with each formula featuring 85% protein from animal ingredients. The treats, which all contain liver and sweet potato ingredients, are available in two sizes — small breed and medium/large breed — and four formulas: Chicken Liver, Beef Liver, Pork Liver and Turkey Liver. 

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