JANESVILLE, WIS. — Pure Pheasant, a relatively new pet food and treat brand created by MacFarlane Pheasants Inc. in January, has added frozen raw pheasant pet chews to its existing line of raw prey diets and freeze-dried treats.

The line features single-ingredient frozen raw chews from pheasant byproducts including heads, necks and feet. As was the idea behind Pure Pheasant, these new products allow the company to continue utilizing the whole bird and prevent unnecessary waste of pheasant byproducts.

“This product expansion has allowed us to continue to utilize the entire bird and reduce waste,” said Bill MacFarlane, owner of MacFarlane Pheasants and Pure Pheasant.

Pure Pheasant pet food and treat products are made from the same birds that MacFarlane Pheasants processes and sells for human consumption. They are raised in free-roaming pens and barns without antibiotics or hormones, according to the company.

“Many of our customers have told us they’ve seen huge health improvements in their pets since adding raw treats and supplements to their diets,” noted April Goble, pet food account manager at Pure Pheasant.

Fillers and preservatives are not added to Pure Pheasant pet treats or foods.

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