AMARILLO, TEXAS — Merrick Pet Care recently launched a new grain-inclusive dry dog food line, featuring kibble bits coated in freeze-dried raw protein. The line includes four formulas: three for adult dogs with chicken, beef and salmon proteins, and one for puppies.

Healthy Grains Freeze-Dried Raw-Coated Kibble formulas were developed as a raw alternative by Merrick’s team of in-house veterinary and pet nutrition experts, the company stated. As raw pet food formulas continue to pose pathogen risks for the pet owners who handle them, this comes as a safer, more processed option.

“Our high-pressure processing and freeze-drying techniques make this food a safe and convenient way to give your dog the delicious taste of raw,” said Kevin Wise, director of research and development at Merrick. “We expect that pet parents will appreciate our commitment to safety and superior nutrition, but we also kept mealtime happiness in mind as we crafted these new recipes.”

The freeze-dried raw proteins covering each piece of kibble also act to enhance palatability and deliver and extra “punch” of protein. The kibble is also formulated with brown rice, oatmeal and barley to deliver fiber and support healthy digestion. They are also formulated with carrots and apples, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

Like all other Merrick pet food formulas, Healthy Grains Freeze-Dried Raw-Coated Kibbles are free from corn, wheat, soy and artificial ingredients.

These diets are currently available through PetSmart and its e-commerce platform, as well as on

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