SEATTLE — Boss Dog Brand on Feb. 1 added frozen raw dog diets to its portfolio of digestive health products for pets.

The brand’s new Frozen Raw Complete and Balanced Meal products feature chicken, beef or fish proteins infused with probiotics, essential vitamins and nutrients to support digestive health and overall wellness in dogs. The formulas are available in patty and nugget formats.

"The longer I am in business, the more I hear from customers how important their dog's digestive health is to them,” said Vasili Nassar, founder of Boss Dog. “With a pup's immune system based in its gut, canine nutrition is critical to support that. It's such an honor that my customers trust me with the health of their animals. That's what drives me to make sure that only the best ingredients and supplements are used to fortify this new line."

Boss Dog has reported increased sales of its freeze-dried diets and treats, frozen yogurt dog treats and probiotic-infused goats milk products across the United States and Canada since its founding in 2018. Including its new frozen raw diets, the brand offers eight nutritional products to support dog’s gut health.

The company also shared it plans to launch a tactical line of dog collars and leashes soon.

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