ST. LOUIS — In July, Instinct Pet Food launched a new line of dog and cat diets designed to improve and extend the health span of these companion animals. The line, Instinct Raw Longevity, includes recipes for puppies and kittens, adult pets and senior dogs and cats.

Each recipe in the line is formulated to support heart, immune system, gut, and skin and coat health. It includes several raw-focused formats — including frozen raw bites and patties — freeze-dried raw bites, and a mixture of 20% freeze-dried raw and 80% kibble.

“Emerging science from the University of Helsinki is showing us that raw food has a positive impact on specific health conditions in dogs compared to conventional cooked foods – particularly when they’re introduced to raw in the puppy stage,” said Gordon Dumesich, chief growth and marketing officer at Instinct.

All formats are minimally processed to retain optimal nutrient values, and contain responsibly sourced meat ingredients, non-GMO fruits and vegetables and other wholesome ingredients, according to the company.

“As The Raw Brand®, we pride ourselves in leading and discovering more research to prove the power of raw nutrition for our pets,” Dumesich added. “Our core belief is that raw nutrition provides unique benefits and we evolve our recipes based on emerging research as well as consumer preferences and demand. Our accomplished nutritionist and food scientists work to accentuate the functional benefits of raw, whether by tailoring recipes to pet life stages or special needs.”

Instinct’s Raw Longevity’s Frozen Raw diets and Freeze-Dried Raw meals are available in chicken formulas for puppies and senior dogs, as well as chicken, beef, beef and cod, lamb, and rabbit recipes for adult dogs. The company’s “Boosted Raw Nutrition” for dogs, which represents its kibble diets mixed with freeze-dried raw morsels, are available in chicken recipes for puppies and seniors, and beef, chicken and rabbit formulations for adult dogs.

For cats, Frozen Raw and Freeze-Dried Raw diets feature chicken for kittens; chicken, beef and cod, and rabbit for adult cats; and beef for senior cats. Instinct’s Boosted Raw Nutrition blends for cats are available in a chicken recipe for kittens, chicken and rabbit formulations for adult cats, and a beef recipe for senior cats.

All Frozen Raw and Freeze-Dried Raw Longevity products are formulated without grain, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or artificial preservatives. Instinct’s Boosted Raw Nutrition products for dogs and cats do not include grains, corn, wheat, artificial colors or artificial preservatives.

“Raw Longevity ingredients were selected with purpose to create a blend of high raw meat protein with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to deliver guaranteed health outcomes at each life stage, whether puppy, kitten, adult, or adult 7+,” Dumesich said.

Instinct Raw Longevity is available exclusively through independent pet retailers.

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