Ten companies have teamed up to create the Pet Food Competence Network, a single source for end-to-end wet and dry pet food plant solutions. Each company brings its own expertise in each area of the pet food process, from raw ingredients and materials to research and development to packaging and secondary packaging solutions.

The result is a “complete, tightly integrated production solution,” which pet food manufacturers can test, scale and interconnect to meet their unique parameters and processing needs. Additionally, access to this full suite of processing expertise can allow new plants to become operational more quickly, generate more revenue, and give veteran plants the ability to incorporate new technologies, improve efficiency, throughput and data capabilities.

Participating companies include MIAVIT GmbH, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne Group (JRS), JBT FTNON, Andritz, Waldner, Cama Group, OPEM, The Packaging Group, Clevertech and Karl Schnell.

“Many of these companies already work together across the globe, not just in pet food, but in other, equally demanding industries, so there is already a high level of mutual trust and understanding,” said Csaba Borsfai, senior coordinator and technology expert for wet and dry pet food at the Pet Food Competence Network. “This level of integration is also present on a technological level as cross-company Industry 4.0 data architectures and smart-machine.

“All of the projects will benefit from a single point of contact and are backed by beginning-to-end consultation, coupled to an investment plan that will deliver the best possible TCO and payback,” Borsfai added. “By bringing all the company offerings under one umbrella, we anticipate significantly lower preparation costs, lead times reduced by months, and commissioning time cut from weeks to days!”

Read more about the Pet Food Competence Network here.

About the companies

MIAVIT is a family-owned company specializing in premixes of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. JRS specializes in the development of natural fibers. FTNON is a business division of JBT (John Bean Technologies Corporation) focused on technology solutions for food processing and air transportation industries.

Andritz is a manufacturing equipment and technology supplier. Waldner specializes in pouch, tray and can filling for wet pet food formats, as well as processing and sealing solutions for dry food, jellies and gravies. Cama Group supplies end-of-line packaging machinery and robotics. OPEM is another packaging systems provider for dry pet foods with small-to-medium particle sizes.

The Packaging Group specializes in flexible packaging machines. Clevertech offers integrated packaging solutions for pouches, bulk cans, cases and secondary packaging. Karl Schnell develops processing machines and lines for pet food, meat, processed cheese and deli applications.

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