LUTZ, FLA. — Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection announced May 19 it has entered a strategic partnership with EVRYTHNG, a cloud platform architecture provider, to offer end-to-end supply chain data for its customers.

The partnership will provide product data visibility and validation for all points of the value chain, Mettler-Toledo shared, to help processors “identify ingredient and packaging issues early in the manufacturing process.” This is beneficial for food safety in the case of a recall, as well as transparency.

Both companies hope to collaboratively address growing digitalization in the food manufacturing and food safety space, in part with the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) “New Era of Smarter Food Safety” initiative. Mettler-Toledo will leverage its data management software, product inspection technologies, which can then be integrated into the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud™ for wide visibility.

“The digital transformation in food manufacturing is going to happen – it’s a question of when, rather than if,” said Rob Rogers, senior advisor, food safety and regulations, at Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection. “We want to help food manufacturers to embrace that transformation, by making it as easy as possible for them. The two major factors they will need to address right at the outset are the gathering of manufacturing data and being able to simply and efficiently deploy that data to improve food safety and supply chain performance. The partnership between Mettler-Toledo and EVRYTHNG is about developing and providing a robust and proven infrastructure to handle that wealth of digital data.”

The EVRYTHNG Product Cloud also applies unique digital identities — Active Digital Identity™ — to each product, batch or SKU to ensure data is available at each level of the process. The data can be used by manufacturers themselves, as well as retailers and auditors, to ensure continued compliance and supply chain integrity.

“The beauty of our partnership with Mettler-Toledo is that it will allow food manufacturers to not only extend food safety performance, but also to harness digitalization as a means to really take a leap into the future,” said Niall Murphy, chief executive officer of EVRYTHNG. “Food safety is a critical factor for all food manufacturers. Our solution will enable them to get ahead of the curve, by collecting and managing data for every individual product that comes out of their factory, in a way that is locked into already globally-accepted standards for digital track and trace”.

Mettler-Toledo and EVRYTHNG will host a joint webinar May 27, in which they will discuss how manufacturers can prepare for digitalization and the demands that will accompany it.

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