RICHMOND, VA. — Heirloom Pet Products has added a fourth water-soluble hemp pet product to its portfolio. Its new Road Trip Stick™ Minis are bacon-flavored calming chews for small-breed dogs, formulated with broad spectrum, water-soluble hemp and colostrum.

Colostrum is a high-octane milk produced by mammals in the last few weeks of pregnancy. The ingredient can be used as a supplement for immune and gut health, and can also have anti-inflammatory benefits.

The on-the-go treats are designed for situational anxiety induced by road trips, thunderstorms or other environmental stressors. They are specifically designed for small-breed dogs and compliment Heirloom’s existing Road Trip Sticks powdered stress supplements for all dogs.

"By using a water-soluble product, we ensure maximum bioavailability, which means Heirloom Pet Products work faster and are more effective,” said Jason Lysak, chief executive officer and founder of Heirloom Pet Products.

The company launched its first products, a line of hemp-based meal toppers for dogs and cats, in July 2020, followed by an on-the-go stress relief supplement in September and a hemp-infused bone broth for pets in December.

All Heirloom products are GMP- and SQF-certified and compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) guidelines.

Heirloom Pet Products said it plans to release “more innovative products” later this year.

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