RICHMOND, VA. — Heirloom Pet Products, an emerging brand in the hemp-based pet product space, on Sept. 9 released its second product, Road Trip Sticks for dogs.

"Even the most sweet-tempered pup can suffer from stress due to travel, fireworks, or thunder and lightning," said Jason Lysak, chief executive officer of Heirloom Pet Products. "We combined water-soluble hemp with delicious bacon flavor to create our Road Trip Sticks, a yummy option to help manage situational pet anxiety."  

The product is infused with water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp, similarly to its line of meal toppers, to maximize nutrient absorption and help dog owners mitigate stressful situations for their pet.

"Cats' and dogs' bodies are made up of 60 to 80% percent water. Hemp is an oil, so many products that deliver hemp in an oil format have limited absorption, which means less effectiveness," Lysak explained. "By using a water-soluble product, Heirloom Pet Products have reduced absorption time to minutes instead of hours, which makes all the difference during a raging thunderstorm."

Heirloom Pet Products is GMP- and SQF-certified. The brand works with the National Animal Supplement Council to ensure quality and integrity for their products and product labels. Along with its hemp-infused meal toppers, Heirloom’s new stress-relieving Road Trip Sticks are formulated by a team of veterinary professionals.

Road Trip Sticks are currently available in a bacon formula on Heirloom Pets’ website. The company said it plans to add more flavors.

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