RICHMOND, VA. — Heirloom Pet Products, a relatively new pet nutrition company, has launched its third product infused with water-soluble hemp: bone broth for dogs and cats. The product targets bone and joint health and can promote calm behavior in pets.

This bone broth includes the same water-soluble hemp as Heirloom’s other products, which the company said is organically grown and fast-acting.

"Cats' and dogs' bodies are made up of 60-80% water," explained Jason Lysak, chief executive officer of Heirloom Pet Products. "Hemp generally comes as an oil, but products that deliver hemp in an oil format have limited absorption. This means less bioavailability. By using a water-soluble product, we ensure maximum bioavailability, which means Heirloom Pet Products work faster and are more effective."

The company launched its first products — a line of functional, water-soluble hemp-based meal toppers for dogs and cats — in July, followed by an on-the-go powdered stress relief supplement in September.

Heirloom Pet’s Beef and Sweet Potato Bone Broth is formulated with collagen, L-tryptophan, broad-spectrum hemp, water, beef bone broth and sweet potato. The product is GMP and SQF-certified, and in-line with guidelines set by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

Heirloom’s new bone broth is available through its own e-commerce platform and select independent retail stores in the United States. The brand plans to launch more water-soluble hemp products in early 2021.

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