UPLAND, CALIF. — Natural Balance has a long history of addressing pets’ unique health needs with limited-ingredient formulas as well as with issue-specific pet food diets. Expanding on the company’s existing products that meet certain dog health needs, the company has grouped two popular product formulations and added two offerings under a new portfolio named Targeted Nutrition.

The company’s Synergy formula was renamed Gentle Balance and along with Fat Dogs and two new offerings ― Zen Life and On the Move ― this family of Targeted Nutrition formulas are optimized to each address unique health needs of dogs.

"As the specialty pet food space continues to grow, shoppers are seeking higher quality nutrition for their pets," said Brian Connolly, chief executive officer of Natural Balance®. "Pet parents are looking for more than just standard nutrients and instead are actively seeking out functional ingredient solutions that help support their dogs' and cats' unique needs."

Gentle Balance Chicken, Barley and Salmon Meal dry dog formula includes prebiotics and a special fiber blend to help support healthy digestion. Gentle Balance also comes in a wet chicken and salmon formula. Fat Dogs is Targeted Nutrition’s low-calorie dry dog food formula that includes a special protein and fiber blend designed to help dogs feel full and keep their diet nutritionally balanced with fewer calories.

The two new additions to the Targeted Nutrition lineup are Zen Life and On The Move. Zen Life Turkey and Barley formula was designed to support overall wellbeing with turkey providing a natural source of L-tryptophan, among other nutrients, and chamomile providing a flavor dogs enjoy. Zen Life also comes in a wet Turkey formula. The On the Move Chicken and Barley dry formula and the Chicken wet formula combine natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin in a dog food that supports joint structure and lean muscle mass.

According to John Sturm, chief revenue officer of Natural Balance, the company anticipates adding innovative solution-based formulas to the Targeted Nutrition line with the goal or achieving problem resolution within the Natural Balance framework of formulating with natural ingredients.

Under new ownership since Feb. 1, Natural Balance has assembled a management team with deep roots in the pet retail space who understand the need to meet pet owner expectation not only for diet requirements but also for food safety. The company’s Feed with Confidence transparency and traceability program is designed to assure pet owners of the comprehensive testing each formula undergoes by third-party, accredited labs.

All Natural Balance finished foods are tested for the presence of foodborne bacteria and nutritional ingredient safety before the products are distributed. As an added measure of assurance, these test findings are available on the company’s website and can be accessed by consumers using the product’s UPC code and lot number from the pet food packaging to view an individual product’s test results.

"We have a firm commitment to stringent food safety testing," Connolly said. "This continues to be our focus, and with it our dedication to transparency and traceability."

This long-standing brand enjoys a loyal following and hopes to attract the next generation of pet owners with a nimble, adaptive approach to offering the ingredients, formats and transparency today’s invested pet owners are seeking.

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