OAK CREEK, WIS. — Earlier this month, Stella & Chewy’s teased the launch of several new wet pet food products on its website, alluding to new bone broth, shredded protein and stew formats for dogs, as well as a new line of canned cat food.

The wet cat food line, Carnivore Cravings, will be available in 2.8-oz and 5.2-oz cans and two formats: Savory Shreds and Purrfect Paté.

The Savory Shreds formulas feature shredded muscle meats in a savory broth. Each formula is low in carbohydrates and rich in responsibly sourced animal proteins. The new Purrfect Patés are “tender and smooth” in texture and include a meaty broth. 

Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Cravings wet cat foods

All Carnivore Cravings formulas feature four to six ingredients per recipe, added taurine, and are formulated without grains, legumes, potatoes, carrageenan, wheat, meat byproducts, soy or artificial ingredients. These diets are also high in moisture to deliver hydration in a cat diet.

Savory Shreds are available in six recipes: Chicken & Beef, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Turkey, Tuna & Mackerel, and Tuna & Salmon. Purrfect Paté formulas include Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Salmon, Chicken & Tuna, Duck & Chicken, Salmon, Tuna & Mackerel, and Tuna & Pumpkin. 

For dogs, Stella & Chewy’s is adding Bountiful Bone Broth to its existing meal topper portfolio, as well as complete-and-balanced wet diets through its Stella’s Shredrs and Lil’ Bites Savory Stews lines. 

Bountiful Bone Broth recipes are slowly cooked in small batches, featuring grass-fed beef or cage-free chicken as the No. 1 ingredient in each formula. They are 100% human-grade, manufactured in the United States, and fortified with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric and cinnamon.

The ingredient panels for its Bountiful Bone Broth recipes are simple, including beef or chicken bone broth, squash, pumpkin, tapioca or tapioca starch, gelatin, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. These bone broths also contain collagen and amino acids to support mobility and digestion.

Packaging for the Bountiful Bone Broth products is BPA-free and includes a re-closeable spout.

Stella & Chewy's Bountiful Bone Broth, Shredrs and Lil' Bites Savory Stews new wet dog foods

The company’s new Stella’s Shredrs for dogs feature shredded and diced muscle meat in rich broths. They are packaged in tear-open pouches and can be served as a complete-and-balanced meal or as a wet food topper. 

Stella’s Shredrs incorporate responsibly sourced proteins and include only four to six ingredients per recipe. The formulas are fortified with taurine, vitamins and minerals, and are free from grains, legumes, potatoes, carrageenan, wheat, meat byproducts, soy or artificial ingredients.

Shredrs are available in six varieties: Chicken, Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Turkey, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Salmon, and Beef & Chicken. 

Stella & Chewy’s Lil’ Bites Savory Stews for dogs are designed for small breeds and served in plastic recyclable cups. The diets are rich in protein and include turmeric, taurine, sunflower and salmon oil to provide anti-inflammatory, heart health, and skin and coat health support. 

These complete-and-balanced wet dog foods feature shredded muscle meat from responsibly sourced protein, and are also free from grains, legumes, potatoes, carrageenan, wheat, meat byproducts, soy and artificial ingredients. 

Lil’ Bites Savory Stews are available in six formulas: Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Salmon, and Chicken & Turkey. 

These new products have entered a market trending toward wet pet food formats. Chicago-based market research firm IRI reports wet dog food and wet cat food sales grew 7.7% and 7.2% respectively over the 52 weeks ending Aug. 9 compared to the previous 52 weeks in the “US Multi-Outlet” channel, which includes grocery, drug, mass market, military, select clubs and dollar retailers.

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