SOMERSET, N.J. — Gericke USA has introduced a new line of elbows for pneumatic conveying systems that require less space and offer gentle product handling. The new Gericke Bend line was developed to protect particle shape, reduce elbow wear and save space in pneumatic conveying systems.

This new elbow design replaces conventional sweep and long radius elbows with a compact design configuration that gathers material and conveying air or gas in a round, rotating deflection zone that reduces destructive particle impact with the elbow wall.

The gradual, gentle release of the material downstream promotes smooth, efficient conveying and a dust-free environment, which can reduce both line downtime and maintenance costs.

Gericke reported this new elbow design has proven effective for conveying abrasive, heat-sensitive and other powders, pellets, flakes and slurries.

The Gericke Bend line of vortex elbows is available in seven different sizes to suit a wide range of material properties and throughput requirements.

The 90-degree tube elbows are offered in cast iron or optional stainless steel with a variety of coatings to suit the conveyed materials. These elbows may be retrofitted on existing pneumatic conveying systems or installed with Gericke pneumatic conveying systems.

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