SOMERSET, NJ. — Gericke USA has rolled out its latest pneumatic conveying solution for pet food and treat processors, DenseFlow PHF™. The dense phase conveyor is applicable for a variety of fine and coarse materials, including free-flowing ingredients and trickier, more abrasive ones.

DenseFlow PHF continuously conveys material in a single layer at up to 88 CFM at distances up to 2,600 feet. The solution delivers materials with a low air-to-material ratio using a separate, downstream discharge elbow and pressure vessels that introduce air and other transport gasses.

The system is designed for automated, contactless conveying and can be used to transport flour and other materials safely throughout a facility.

Gericke said it can customize each DenseFlow system based on a manufacturer’s individual needs for conveying distance, throughput, particle size and shape, among other factors. The standard system is equipped with a feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, activators, conveying and secondary air supplies, as well as an automated STP 61 touch-screen control panel.

The company can perform on-site and remote trainings for its new DenseFlow pneumatic conveying solution.

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