SOMERSET, N.J. — Gericke USA on Dec. 28 introduced its new rotary valve , featuring a patented design to facilitate quick, tool-less disassembly.

The solution is Gericke’s new Rota-lign™ system, which includes a self-aligning rotor design with tapered bore and guide rails allowing easy access for cleaning and visual inspection. The solution does not require removal of the end cover and allows bearings to be replaced without removing the valve.

Gericke designed its Rota-lign system to include its standard stainless steel HDMF Series rotary valves, which are approved by the US Department of Agriculture.

This solution is intended for the food industry, as well as diary processing, pharmaceuticals and other sanitary processes, Gericke stated. Rota-lign is an applicable airlock and metering device for powders, granules, pellets, chips, grains and other products.

Rota-lign systems are available for testing at Gericke’s laboratory in New Jersey. The company added its latest solution can be retrofitted on existing processing lines.

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