BRENT KNOLL, ENGLAND — ProDog Raw, a raw dog nutrition brand, launched two new recipes within its Exotics Range dog food on Aug. 1. The new formulas are made with goat and goose proteins, which offer a beneficial alternative for dogs with sensitivities to traditional proteins, according to the brand.

Founded in 2016, ProDog Raw focuses on raw nutrition. Heidi Maskelyne, chief executive officer, founded the brand to create a healthier alternative to traditional dog kibble. The brand has expanded its offerings to include complete-and-balanced diets, treats, supplements, and soon-to-be-released bone broths.

The new formulas expand ProDog Raw’s Exotics Range, which offers a variety of raw diets made with novel proteins infused with superfoods, green vegetables and hempseed oil. According to the brand, these formulas can be served to all dogs, but are specifically designed for those with food intolerances, yeast imbalances, food allergies, or picky tastes.

The Exotics Range was formulated in collaboration with holistic veterinarians to focus on the benefits of novel proteins. According to ProDog Raw, some dogs are better suited to eat novel proteins compared to traditional, farmed proteins.

“I founded ProDog Raw with a vision to create a company that is entirely driven by dogs’ needs,” Maskelyne said. “Every product we create is formulated alongside industry-leading experts; we listen to their advice and owners’ concerns to make food that really works.”

The new recipes include Goat Raw Dog Food and Goose Raw Dog Food. Goat Raw Dog Food contains essential minerals including iron, zinc, potassium and vitamin B12. ProDogRaw specifically chose goat meat as it is lower in fat compared to other red meat proteins, making it a great source of protein to support a dog’s ideal weight.

Goose Raw Dog Food offers a nutritionally rich alternative to traditional poultry, like chicken, according to ProRaw Dog. This formula is packed with vitamin B, as well as selenium, iron and zinc from goose meat.

“Exotic meats are fantastic options for dogs with intolerances and sensitivities, or even picky eaters,” Maskelyne said. “They are packed quality ingredients, whilst being lower fat than most traditional options. With this in mind, we were determined to expand our Exotics Range. I am thrilled with the success of this collection so far — it reflects how effective the food is — and I am looking forward to seeing countless dogs’ benefit from these new, nutritionally rich meals.”

ProDog Raw’s Exotics Range also includes diets formulated with venison and wild boar. The brand is now offering bundles of the novel proteins range. Each 15-kg (2.2-lb) bundle provides nine goose, eight venison, nine wild boar and four goat meals. Each 25-kg (55-lb) bundle provides 14 goose, 12 venison, 16 wild boar and eight goat meals.

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