CINCINNATI — On Jan. 14, ProAmpac announced its latest eco-friendly packaging option, ProActive Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000, for use in pet and human food applications.

The company is awaiting a patent on the packaging technology, which is compliant with European and US Food and Drug Administration standards and available in stand-up and three-side seal configurations.

“RT-3000 is the newest member of the ProActive Sustainability® product family, a comprehensive set of packaging solutions that are helping our customers meet their greener packaging goals,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer at ProAmpac. “A revolutionary innovation, this recycle ready solution was built on ProAmpac’s material science expertise and significant experience in retort pouch design. Engineered to run on existing high-speed filling lines, RT-3000 maintains filling machine efficiency.”

The solution was designed for difficult-to-recycle, multi-material applications, such as those used in wet pet food manufacturing and retort applications. ProActive Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000 is compatible with filling and processing speeds currently offered by other multi-material options that are non-recyclable.

“The multi-year development included successful validation on commercial high-speed filling lines and qualification in commercial retort chambers,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “RT-3000 delivers exceptional thermal stability, excellent stain and grease resistance, easy­open tear performance, and a superior oxygen and moisture barrier. Able to withstand aggressive retort conditions of 130oC without sacrificing barrier properties, RT-3000 has been successfully tested in advance of our commercialization.”

The packaging solution is available in clear or opaque options with optimal stiffness, high puncture and flex-crack resistance to withstand product handling and distribution.

This latest innovation adds to ProAmpac’s growing sustainable pet food and treat packaging portfolio, which also includes ProActive Recyclable QUADFLEX launched in March 2020, ProActive Recyclable R-1000 rollstock film introduced September 2019, and its Signature Surfaces ProActive Recyclable Paper Touch launched in April 2019. The company also offers renewable, post-consumer recycled and compostable packaging materials.

ProActive Recycle Ready Retort packaging is mono-material and has a high recovery potential for advanced recycling streams, ProAmpac said.

“Designed for maximum recovery in advanced recycling streams, RT-3000 supports emerging sustainability legislation in Europe as well as commitments made by retailers and manufacturers for more mono-material packaging,” Tabatabaei said. “We are confident RT-3000 is well positioned to advance the sustainability goals of our customers.”

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