CINCINNATI — ProAmpac announced April 27 the launch of its ProActive PCR® Retort pouch packaging, designed for human and pet foods. The new pouches meet both the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) and the European Union’s food contact guidelines and are also made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

According to ProAmpac, the company has experienced an increased demand for PCR flexible packaging solutions within the food industry, prompting the development of the ProActive PCR Retort pouches. The pouches are made with at least 30% PCR materials to help reduce the use of virgin resins in food packaging. The ProActive PCR Retort pouches also comply with the United Kingdom’s Plastics Packaging Tax (PPT).

“ProAmpac is pleased to announce the latest addition to the ProActive Sustainability® product family with ProActive PCR Retort,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer for ProAmpac. “These pouches, coupled with our Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000, deliver on ProAmpac’s promise to innovate more sustainable retort packaging solutions.

“To help customers meet their sustainability goals, ProActive PCR Retort pouches reduce the use of virgin resins and include high amounts of PCR while delivering the same packaging performance and filling line efficiency,” Grose added.

Compared to its standard retort pouches, ProAmpac’s ProActive PCR Retort pouches offer the same high-definition graphic quality, according to the company. The pouches provide customers with quality graphics and high performance to maintain product freshness, while also providing sustainable benefits.

“ProActive PCR® Retort pouches provide superior barrier and maintains its hermeticity during filling, retorting and distribution,” said Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of global product development and innovation at ProAmpac. “These innovative pouches offer excellent flex crack resistance and easy-open tear functionality. Engineered using ProAmpac’s advanced material science expertise, ProActive PCR Retort pouches preserve the same filling line efficiency, shelf-life, mechanical performance and pin-hole resistance as standard retort pouches.”

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