CINCINNATI — On Sept. 16, ProAmpac added a recyclable rollstock form-fill-seal film for a variety of consumer packaged goods industries, including pet food, to its ProActive Sustainability line. The new film, ProActive Recyclable R-1000, features high heat resistance and seal quality, and is compatible for high-speed filling applications.

The recyclable rollstock is compliant with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food contact regulations. It is available in standard or high-barrier versions, ProAmpac said.

“ProAmpac is committed to help our customers meet their sustainable packaging objectives with products that perform at or above existing product performance levels,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer of the company. “Our new R-1000 offers processing ease at high speeds for both vertical and horizontal filling machines.”

Consumers can recycle the materials in-store, as verified by How2Recycle, an organization that applies labels to packaging that informs consumers about where they can recycle used packages. 

Hesam Tabatabaei, director of research innovation and technology for ProAmpac, added, “When developing R-1000, we wanted to ensure that it maintained the speed of vertical and horizontal form fill sealing machines and ran much faster than typical mono material films currently on the market. It has been engineered with high heat-resistance that resists ‘gum up,’ burn-through and deformation during high-speed packaging.”

ProAmpac will showcase the new film on running machinery during PACK EXPO later this month in Las Vegas.

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