CINCINNATI — After first introducing its ProActive Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000 line of sustainable packaging pouches in January, ProAmpac announced Nov. 10 the pouches have been vetted for chemical recycling compliance by two independent advanced recycling firms.

Through advanced recycling methods, the pouches can be repurposed into quality polymer that can be reused in the packaging supply chain, according to ProAmpac.

“Advanced recycling will be a critical part of the world’s future recycling infrastructure as brands transition to packaging that supports the circular economy,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer at ProAmpac. “ProAmpac has tested our RT-3000 offering in two separate advanced recycling processes to ensure that the mono-material structure is truly a circular solution.”

The ProActive Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000 range met yield requirements and quality parameters for advanced recycling based on high recovery and less unrecoverable waste measurements.

“RT-3000 passed two separate depolymerization processes with very high yields,” added Hesam Tabatabaei, vice president of product development and innovation. “With the purification process of the recycled monomers (r-monomers), the r-monomers showed excellent quality for the re-polymerization steps. This chemical recycling validation ratifies ProAmpac’s commitment to our customers seeking recyclable solutions across all product applications.”

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