SAN FRANCISCO — So far this month, v-planet has expanded distribution in Japan and South Korea, making its vegan dog food more widely available.

The brand announced its partnership with WHOLEFOODS, Inc. in Japan on Nov. 3, followed by its partnership with South Korean distributor Dream Pet Foods Co., Ltd. on Nov. 11.

"With almost 9 million pet dogs in Japan, it's clear Japanese pet parents are dedicated to their pups," said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-planet. "Currently, the plant-based pet food options in Japan are limited, so we are very excited to bring a completely balanced vegan and pet-approved alternative for pet parents who are increasingly concerned about animals and the planet."

WHOLEFOODS, Inc. President Dr. Harue Suzuki added, "We are very pleased to partner with v-planet… In Japan, our dogs are a huge part of our lifestyle, and bringing v-planet's cruelty-free and completely nutritious vegan food to my country is a welcome opportunity."

V-planet’s dog foods are formulated with vegan proteins and non-GMO ingredients, and are free-from corn, soy or wheat. They are available in two sizes – mini bites for small dogs and larger kibbles for medium and large breeds.

"Many South Koreans are adopting a plant-based lifestyle because they're concerned about the welfare of animals and the state of the environment," Rubin said. "But they haven't had a lot of options for vegan pet food. We're confident v-planet and Dream Pet Foods can make a real difference for them by introducing our completely balanced, nutritious and dog-approved food."

Dream Pet Foods has been distributing in the pet industry since 1994.

V-planet dog foods can now be found in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore and Thailand, as well as the United States.

The company expanded its portfolio with plant-powered dog treats and dental chews in October.

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