NASHVILLE, TENN. — As promised, German pet treat company Gimborn will launch a line of functional pet treats in the United States this summer. The company announced June 9 two products will be released in July: Squeezables, oil-based liquid treats for cats and dogs, and Munchables, crunchy treats for cats.

Additionally, the company plans to launch a milk-alternative product for cats, which will be sold in individual portions and bulk portions for shelters and breeders, Gimborn said. These three products will be sold under Gimborn’s brand, Simply Kind Hearted.

Simply Kind Hearted treats will be offered in 18 different flavors and formulas, including functional formulas to support digestive health and skin and coat health, as well as enhance overall health and wellness with a multi-vitamin “vitality” formula.

"Pet parents are being more conscious about what they feed their pet every day,” said Christine Kirby, marketing director of Simply Kind Hearted. “I am so excited to launch a brand that cares about the holistic health of my fur baby and is fun and delicious at the same time.”

The creation of Simply Kind Hearted was alluded to by Gimborn in April, when the company hired three sales and marketing leaders to establish the pet food company’s presence in North America, including a vice president of sales, marketing director and regional sales manager. The brand is specifically designed to appeal to North American pet owners.

Simply Kind Hearted’s liquid treats can be served to cats and dogs directly from the package, by hand, or added to a complete-and-balanced diet as a meal topper. Munchables can also be mixed into a complete-and-balanced cat food or fed directly as treats. Both products are non-GMO and include no added sugar.

Some varieties of Squeezables and Munchables are fortified with added nutrients, such as malt, zinc, taurine and L-Carnitine, to provide functional health benefits.

The products will be available through Amazon and at various pet specialty stores across the United States.

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