OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — ZIWI Peak, a company most known for its New Zealand-inspired air-dried pet foods, launched a new product line, Provenance, at Global Pet Expo Feb. 26-28, featuring complementary wet canned and air-dried dog and cat diets. Each of the three formulas in the Provenance line include several animal proteins sourced from various areas of New Zealand.

The East Cape products are formulated with free-range and grass-fed mutton and goat, as well as several species of fish local to the East Cape and Cape Regina areas of New Zealand’s northern island, such as kahawai, white trevally and mackerel.

The Otago Valley diets include beef, venison and lamb from the Otago region of New Zealand’s southern island, as well as southern blue whiting and hoki sourced from the island’s sub Antarctic waters, according to the company.

ZIWI’s Hauraki Plains pet foods contain chicken, duck, turkey, fresh eggs and kahawai fish, all sourced from the Maori-Hauraki area in New Zealand’s northern island.

“The ZIWI brand has always been an expression of our home in New Zealand, however our newest recipes truly celebrate our rich culture and beautiful landscape. Life is special here in New Zealand ─ this is a small way to share a bit about us to the world,” said Richard Lawrence, managing director at ZIWI.

All animal ingredients incorporated in the Provenance line are ethically and sustainably sourced, according to ZIWI.

Each of the new formulas includes muscle meat, organs and bone, as well as a superfood blend containing cold-washed green tripe or poultry heart, green mussels and organic kelp, as well as vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids, the company said. These superfoods make up a minimum of 10% of each Provenance diet.

The wet diets incorporate lamb plasma, eggs and animal-based broths as natural binders. All diets in the Provenance line are free from potato, starches, legumes and artificial binders.

These air-dried and wet formulas are appropriate for all life stages and can be fed as meal toppers or complete-and-balanced meals.

ZIWI’s Provenance line is an extension of its PeakPrey diets, which are designed to provide whole-prey nutrition. The new products will be launched in the North American market in April 2020.

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