PHILADELPHIA and ATLANTA — Natural Farm Pet Food, a Georgia-based brand of dog chew products, announced Sept. 10 a partnership to package its dog chews in Braskem’s I’m green™ Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic material to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability.  

The bioplastic material used in Braskem’s packaging is derived from sugarcane. The cultivation of sugarcane has a negative carbon footprint because it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, making it a sustainable alternative to regular plastics. According to Braskem, every kilogram of I’m green PE used in a production process captures 3.09 kilograms of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

"Natural Farm was founded on a passion for dogs and the love we share with our pets. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, all-natural chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes,” said Marcus Maximo, founder and CEO of Natural Farm. “…We're excited to have found the perfect partner with Braskem and its I'm greenTM Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic, allowing Natural Farm so ensure we're being socially responsible with our packaging."

Natural Farms is a horizontally integrated company, operating and sourcing from its own facilities. The brand also supports local Atlanta companies and donates a portion of its profits to local animal shelters.

The pet food brand is implementing a “360 Degree Plan toward sustainability,” it said, and using 51% bio-based packaging from Braskem that is free of fossil fuels and 100% recyclable is one step in that plan.

Braskem’s bioplastic packaging is currently being used by other pet food and treat brands, including Only Natural Pet and Earth Animal.

Braskem will be exhibiting at the Brazilian Plastic Institute/Think Plastic Brazil booth #LS-6814 during Pack Expo in Las Vegas from Sept. 23 to 25.

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