LAS VEGAS — Therabis announced Aug. 19 it is adding a broad-spectrum hemp chew supporting mobility for dogs as it rolls out new package designs across its pet product portfolio. The hemp-infused product is a soft chew with anti-inflammatory and joint health properties.

The Mobility chew complements the company’s original line of hemp-based food toppers in Calming, Mobility and Stop the Itch formulas, as well as existing Calming and Stop the Itch soft chew dog supplements.

All Therabis products, including dog and cat chews and powders, are formulated with broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), green-lipped mussel and blends of breed-specific vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and chromium for dogs and L-taurine for cats.

Therabis also unveiled more potent hemp-based Mobility and Calming formulas for pets, formulated with higher concentrations of cannabinoids and other active ingredients. The Veterinary Formula line is distributed in the US through Vedco.

“Throughout the years, Therabis continues to receive great responses from satisfied consumers about all our indication-specific formulas with success stories about their pets’ improved health,” said Bob Rubin, president of Therabis. “Hearing this positive feedback from people who buy our products is so fulfilling – there’s no better feeling than knowing we are making a difference in the lives of these animals and their owners.”

All the company’s formulas are developed by veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, founder of Therabis.

Therabis exhibited its new product and package designs at SuperZoo Aug. 20 to 22 in Las Vegas.

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