ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets, a subsidiary of Whitebridge Pet Brands, on July 2 added raw pet foods for dogs and cats to its portfolio. The brand has released several other products so far in 2019, including wet dog and cat treats, grain-free broths for cats, single-protein raw cat foods and canned dog diets.

While Tiki introduced its raw cat foods in May, its raw dog food line is entirely new. The all-protein diets are available in 24-oz. containers and stored frozen for distribution and retail after being high-pressure pasteurized for food safety.

Tiki Dog Raw is available in three recipes: chicken with chicken bone broth; duck with turkey bone broth; and beef with beef bone broth.

“Tiki Dog Raw is complete and balanced nutrition, with no fillers like fruits, vegetables or grains. In addition, the food includes flavorful, mineral-rich bone broth, and carefully sourced non-GMO ingredients,” said Laura Bogart, brand manager for Tiki Pets. “Our research tells us dog owners are looking for high-protein, minimally processed dog food – this provides the solution in a convenient and safe package.”

The brand also added three proteins to its raw cat food line: lamb; duck with turkey bone broth and pumpkin; and quail with turkey bone broth.

Tiki’s raw diets for cats and dogs are both packaged in a resealable plastic tub to ensure food safety and freshness, the company said. They are manufactured in a SQF3 Certified processing facility designed for producing raw meat products.

“We gave this packaging a lot of thought and aimed for making feeding raw easy and convenient for pet owners, as well as safe for pets,” said Bogart.

Tiki Cat Raw is also sold in 8-oz. containers.

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