ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets, owned by Whitebridge Pet Brands, has unveiled new cat and dog food and treat products which play into many of the trends seen in the industry, including regionally inspired diets, single-serve offerings, meal enhancers and high-protein formulas.

New Tiki Cat Broths are complete and balanced diets, which include natural meat bits in stock that are free from vegetables, added salt, by-products, fillers and artificial ingredients. They are available in chicken, tuna, duck and chicken, beef, and salmon formulas, as well as in variety packs.

“Cats, as the obligate carnivores, thrive with a moisture-rich diet of fresh meat, without any carbohydrates, making wet, protein-rich foods a healthier choice. We continue to offer pet-owners choices that meet their pets’ nutritional needs, while still maintaining the convenience,” said Olivier Amice, CEO of Whitebridge Pet Brands.

Tiki also added four flavors to its Cat Stix single-serve wet treat line. The high-protein “mousse” treats now include duck, salmon, chicken and shrimp, and tuna and scallops.

“We see a growth opportunity in the treats industry as it continues to expand. Our minimally-processed treats and meals are perfect for portion control and dense nutrition and are highly-palatable and appealing to cats,” Amice said.

Tiki Dog Petites food and treat line grew as well to include pâté and regionally inspired complete and balanced diets, as well as Tiki Dog Petite Stix, which are similar to its Stix treats for cats.

Adding to the brand’s existing wet, dry baked and smooth mousse dog food options, the new pâté line is meat-focused and includes “superfoods” such as turmeric and L-carnitine. The 5-oz. cans are available in lamb, pork, beef, duck and turkey formulas.

Tiki Dog Petites Stix have been introduced as grain-free, wet gravy treats in duck or chicken formulas. The treats are rich in protein, infused with broth, rather than water, and do not contain tapioca.

Tiki’s new Taste of the World food for small dogs are ready-to-serve, complete and balanced meals inspired by regional recipes, including Mediterranean, Italian Carbonara, French Beef Burgundy, Spanish Paella with Chicken & Shrimp, and Asian Chicken Stir Fry. The wet food is offered in 3-oz. cups.

Tiki Pets’ dog food formulas are geared toward small breeds, reflecting the increasing number of small dogs in US households due to pet owners’ urbanized lifestyles.

“As the small dog population continues to rise, our Tiki Dog Petites family of products has continued to grow and offer the best possible nutrition to address the needs of this population,” Amice said. “Small dogs have smaller stomachs, live longer and tend to become picky eaters, making flavor and texture variety, as well as the food’s nutrient bioavailability important.”

Tiki Pets was launched by Whitebridge Pet Brands in 2005 as a premium brand of minimally processed, high-quality protein pet diets. Its products are free from animal by-products, corn, white potatoes, wheat and artificial ingredients.

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