ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets has launched a line of single-protein raw cat foods under the brand Tiki Cat Raw, featuring uncooked meats mixed in broths. The animal proteins, either ground chicken or turkey plus liver, are minimally processed through high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) to meet food safety requirements.

“We have learned from our extensive research that cats, unlike other mammals, cannot efficiently utilize carbohydrates in their diet, so the nutrients found in meat are essential to their survival,” said Olivier Amice, CEO of Whitebridge Pet Brands, the makers of Tiki Cat. “By offering a pure protein diet, cats can thrive and avoid a series of health conditions caused by too many carbohydrates in their diet.”

Tiki Cat Raw diets are complete and balanced.

Tiki Cat Raw is produced in a SQF3 Certified facility in a controlled environment compliant with raw meat production standards. Product is hermetically sealed in tubs for safe storage and freshness.

“Raw pet food is a fresh opportunity in this industry, as high-protein, minimally processed cat food that mimics their natural prey diet becomes more and more popular,” Amice added.

Tiki Pets debuted its raw cat diets in March at Global Pet Expo 2019.

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