ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets on June 6 announced it will add three complete and balanced wet dog food lines to its portfolio in July 2019. The new products include hand-packed whole foods, ethically sourced animal proteins from New Zealand, and homestyle “comfort foods.”

“Wet food is an important part of a dog’s diet as it provides hydration, flavor and can add variety to their diet,” said Laura Bogart, senior brand manager at Tiki Pets. “In addition, the large can format is appealing to pet owners for convenience and allows for enough food for a hungry dog as well as drives sales in the wet food category; 75% of wet dog food is sold in large cans.”

Tiki Dog Whole Foods, available in 13.6-oz cans, are hand-packed with whole foods, shredded chicken and seafood. Formulated without GMOs, animal byproducts, corn, wheat, soy or artificial ingredients, the diets also include kale and brown rice in a meat-based consommé.

The Whole Foods line offers four formulas: Chicken in Chicken Consommé; Chicken in Lobster Consommé; Chicken in Crab Consommé; and Chicken and Tuna in Chicken Consommé.

Tiki Dog Wildz is a high-protein, grain-free option with venison, duck, lamb and beef sourced responsibly from New Zealand. The dog foods contain more than 90% protein and are free from artificial ingredients.

Wildz wet dog food formulas are available in free-range venison, cage-free duck, and grass-fed lamb and beef varieties in 13.2-oz. cans.

The third addition is Tiki Dog Hearty, a line of “homestyle meals” with shredded meats and diced, seasonal vegetables. Hearty formulas do not include animal byproducts, grains, corn, soy, white potatoes or artificial ingredients.

Tiki Dog Hearty is available in 12.5-oz. cans in four seasonal formulas – Summer Grill, Winter Stew, Autumn Feast and Spring Grill – featuring ingredients such as chicken, beef, lamb, apples, pumpkin, carrots and peas.

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