DES MOINES, Iowa — Kemin Nutrisurance on June 24 introduced PALTEVA™, a line of natural dog food palatants, as demand for all-natural ingredients and clean labels grows in the pet food space.

The number of new pet food product launches with natural claims grew at least 20% in North America and Europe between 2013 and 2018, Kemin said.

PALTEVA is applicable in a range of pet food categories, including super-premium, limited-ingredient, vegetarian and conventional diets. It is naturally sourced, stabilized and preserved. It can be applied in animal- or plant-based products.

The palatant utilizes natural preservatives, rather than synthetic preservatives, to protect from microbial contamination and maintain shelf life.

"Most palatants are protected from microbial contamination with synthetic preservatives," said Abby Castillo, global palatants product manager for Kemin. "Without natural alternatives, some natural palatants aren't protected at all. This inhibits their performance before the pet food product even reaches customers. The PALTEVA line is different; it provides natural flavor with natural microbial protection."

PALTEVA will add to Kemin’s portfolio of natural products for use in pet food and rendering, which include antioxidants, other palatants, food safety, and health and nutrition products.

Kemin Nutrisurance is a business unit of Kemin Industries dealing specifically with pet food and rendering technologies.

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