CHAPECÓ, BRAZIL — Kemin Industries’ Nutrisurance business announced April 20 the launch of its first functional fiber ingredient for use in pet food applications. The ingredient, TEGRAVIA™, will be initially available in the Brazilian pet food market.

The natural fiber ingredient is extracted from an edible root commonly found in Brazilian cuisine, cassava. TEGRAVIA offers prebiotic properties to support gastrointestinal health, as well as processing benefits for improving texture and starch gelatinization, Kemin stated.

TEGRAVIA combines soluble and insoluble fibers to promote healthy bacteria growth and homeostasis in pets’ digestive systems.

"Our goal at Kemin Nutrisurance is to bring complete solutions to our customers, providing innovative ingredients, such as TEGRAVIA, together with technical, laboratory and application services to support our customers at the stage of the process," said Valdir Lucatelli , general manager of Kemin Nutrisurance in South America.

Looking ahead, Kemin plans to offer TEGRAVIA in other South American countries, as well as in European and North American markets.

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