EASTON, PA. — Phillips Pet Food & Supplies announced late last month it would begin distributing McLovin’s Premium Freeze Dried Pet Treats to independent pet retailers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Arizona, Colorado and Sacramento, Calif.

“The addition of McLovin’s gives our retailers access to a broader assortment of products,” said Elizabeth Thibodeau, senior vice president of merchandising and supply chain at Phillips. “These healthy treats packed with flavor and nutrients are a great way to treat pets with real, natural nutrition. When you combine responsible sourcing, easy to understand ingredients, great taste and made in the USA & Canada, this line of treats is just what retailers and pet parents are looking for.”

McLovin’s produces its freeze-dried dog treats in the United States and Canada. The line includes three options: beef liver, chicken and salmon. The brand has also teased an upcoming freeze-dried raw dog food collection, featuring grass-fed beef liver, free-range chicken breast and wild-caught salmon proteins formulated with organic fruit and vegetable superfoods.

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