EAGLE, IDAHO — PetIQ, Inc. announced March 14 an expansion of its Minties dental dog treat line to include products tailored to large dogs. The new size complements Minties’ existing portfolio of tiny/small and medium dental treats for dogs, as well as chicken- and salmon-flavored dental treats for cats.

The new large-size dental treats are intended for dogs over 50 lbs and leverage the same formula and design found for Minties’ other dental treats. This recipe includes five natural breath fresheners: alfalfa, peppermint, parsley, fennel and dill. The design touts bumps and divots that provide optimal abrasion for removing plaque and tartar from dogs’ teeth, according to the brand.

“We are excited to expand our Minties® brand with the launch of our large-size dental treat for pet parents with large dogs,” said John Pearson, executive vice president of services and manufactured products at PetIQ. “Affordable and made with natural breath freshening ingredients, our Minties® veterinary-grade dental treats are the perfect healthy solution for pet parents looking to support their pets’ dental hygiene with fresh breath and clean teeth.”

Minties large dental treats for dogs are available in package sizes ranging from 6.4 to 48 oz. The new large format is being rolled out online through Amazon and will hit other retailers later in 2024.

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