GREENFIELD, MASS. — Australis Aquaculture LLC, a producer of ocean-farmed Barramundi, made its first foray into the pet food and treat industry with the launch of Barra Barrk®, a new human-grade dog treat. Barra Barrk is a single-ingredient treat made from hand-rolled Barramundi fish skins.

Barra Barrk will be under Australis Aquaculture’s The Better Fish® brand. The Better Fish’s Barramundi is the only ingredient in Barra Barrk. The pet treats use hand-rolled and air-dried skins from the fish, offering dogs a healthy snack with several nutritional benefits, according to Australis Aquaculture.

With the pet treat market continuing to evolve, Barra Barrk aims to differentiate itself as a wholesome alternative treat in alignment with increasing consumer demand for more natural and sustainable pet products.  

Barra Barrk is a single-ingredient treat made from Barramundi fish skinsSource: Australis Aquaculture LLC.

“The versatility of Barramundi continues to excite and surprise us, and we couldn’t be happier to bring it and all its benefits to a group very deserving of wellness — your best friends,” said Josh Goldman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Australis Aquaculture. “This launch represents not just a new product innovation, but a new chapter in the bond between pets and their humans.”

Barra Barrk dog treats contain Omega 3 fatty acids, supporting a dog’s agility, as well as dental, joint, cardiovascular and vision health.

In addition to their nutritional benefits, Barra Barrk treats also boast sustainable practices. The fish used to produce the human-grade treats come from Australis’ Aquaculture Stewardship Council- and Best Aquaculture Practices-certified farms, which, according to Australis Aquaculture, are two leading-industry certifications for sustainability, farming practices and labor standards. According to Australis Aquaculture, Barra Barrk is also the first Fair Trade Certified pet product.

Additionally, through Barra Barrk, The Better Fish helps reduce waste by transforming the fish skins that would otherwise go to waste into a nutrient-dense treat for pets.

Barra Barrk treats are available at BJ’s Wholesale Club retail locations throughout the eastern United States.

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