The stability and viability of probiotics you use in your pet food is a key factor in your decision-making. If probiotic ingredients deteriorate or become unstable before or during the shelf life of your product, you cannot confidently support CFU label guarantees and make probiotic claims proudly.

Probiotic stability is a complex, multi-stage journey, encompassing everything from genetic stability, particularly regarding antimicrobial resistance (AMR), to the endurance of probiotics through various phases like fermentation, formulation, application, and even extending to the shelf life of the final pet product. Crucially, this stability extends to the point where the probiotics successfully proliferate and function in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of dogs and cats.

Viability of probiotic ingredient when incorporated in kibble pet food formula
Source: ©Chr. Hansen 2024, a company of Novonesis group

We tested the application of our products as well as their stability for 18 months in dry kibble and achieved strong results. We know every pet product is unique, so we are now inviting you to test our probiotics in your product.

Many factors can affect the health of live probiotics over time. And we help you consider them all to achieve excellence in your pet probiotics play. To help take the stress out of probiotic selection and ease integration into the manufacturing process, we developed this exclusive 18-month ProStability Program.

What are the benefits of the ProStability Program?

  1. Become a probiotic pro with access to our microbiology experts and learning resources. You are already signed up for our newsletter series on probiotic stability.
  2. Free up your time with our application support. We continuously build our experience with pet applications and are willing to share what we know.
  3. Stop worrying about label guarantees with 18 months probiotic viability results in your mailbox. This part gets your regulatory team to smile as a bonus.

To secure your spot, sign up for the ProStability Program before June 1, 2024, or email us at for more information.

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