TYSONS CORNER, VA. — Pet owners nationwide are making a list and checking it twice — not so much for their great aunts and distant cousins as for their pets. In the spirit of the season, dog and cat owners have bought or plan to buy all sorts of gifts for their four-legged companions this year. This isn’t unexpected, but what is surprising is the lengths to which some pet parents will go to spoil their pets for the holidays.

According to the survey, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of USA Today Blueprint and included 1,000 American dog and cat owners residing across the 10 most populated states, 81% of respondents said they plan to purchase holiday gifts for their pets this year, and many of these gifts will come in the form of food and treats.

More than half (60%) of respondents said pet food and treats were on their gift list this holiday season, while 58% purchased or will purchase toys, 49% are opting for pet clothing, 30% are eyeing grooming products, and 23% are gifting their furry companions a day at the spa.

While some pet owners go above and beyond — and others take more of a stocking-stuffer approach — most pet owners (15%) plan to spend between $51 and $75 on gifts for their pets. Just 7% of pet owners plan to spend $25 or less on their pets’ gifts this year.

Continued inflation may be tempering some pet spending, with 16% of survey respondents claiming to spend less this year than in previous years. However, 43% of respondents said they expect to spend more this year and 40% said they will spend the usual amount, reiterating the modern pet’s status as a member of the family.

These holiday spending sentiments are consistent across both dog and cat owners, with 81% of cat owners and 82% of dog owners admitting to purchasing winter holiday presents for their pets this year, and 44% of cat owners and 45% of dog owners planning to spend more this year than in years past.

Gen X pet owners are the most likely to purchase gifts for their pets, with 86% planning accordingly. This is compared to 84% of Gen Z pet owners, 83% of Millennial pet owners, 56% of Baby boomers, and 50% of the Silent Generation who share the same attitudes.

California residents are spending top dollar on their pets’ gifts this year, with 14% of respondents planning to spend more than $1,000. This is compared to pet owners in Michigan and North Carolina, who plan to spend the least state-by-state, with 54% of residents spending $100 or less on their pets’ gifts this year.

Additionally, 33% of survey respondents are taking their pets with them on their holiday road trips, and 27% plan to travel with their pet by plane, according to the survey.

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