CEDAR KNOLLS, NJ. — MYOS CORP., a medical nutrition company, announced that it has been awarded a new patent for its proprietary product, Fortetropin®, which is used to enhance mobility and overall activity in aging dogs.

Fortetropin is the key ingredient in MYOS’s Canine Muscle Formula®, a supplement that has been clinically shown to support muscle health in mammals. The new patent, US Patent No. 11,833,186, is MYOS’s eighth to-date. It specifically focuses on Fortetropin’s use in treating dog muscle loss associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia, while also enhancing mobility and activity levels.

Fortetropin is the key ingredient in MYOS’s Canine Muscle Formula®Source: Andy Schmidt, CineGraph Studios

“MYOS stands out in protecting our innovative products with patents backed by clinically validated, peer-reviewed studies,” said Joe Mannello, chief executive officer at MYOS. “We’re gratified that the US Patent Office continues to recognize the distinctiveness and effectiveness of Fortetropin, granting us robust patent protection.”

According to MYOS, it stands alone in its approach to improving aging in dogs by addressing muscle health, rather than just targeting joint health. With eight published clinical studies and various patents, MYOS aims to continue to build its intellectual property portfolio.

MYOS is eyeing the pet supplement market, which is experiencing rapid growth throughout the globe. According to the company, this trend reflects a broader trend in pet care toward health and longevity, especially within senior dog care.

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