HOLZMINDEN, GERMANY — Symrise, a supplier of flavors, food and nutrition ingredients, announced a new sustainability achievement on Jan. 5 after having earned high scores for its environmental efforts by nonprofit organization CDP. The company received perfect A scores in the categories of Forests and Water.

Formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP examines companies’ sustainability efforts and awards them with grades from A to D. The organization focuses on environmental efforts in three categories: Climate, Forests and Water. For 2022, CDP examined 18,700 companies around the world.

Symrise joins 25 other companies around the globe with A Forests scores and 103 companies with A Water scores. Along with its high scores in these areas, the company also received an A- score in Climate.

To protect forests, Symrise practices a circular economy by using wood-based ingredients in 30% of its fragrances. The company also relies on green chemistry, for which it has received Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for forest protection.

In water protection, the company hopes to further optimize its consumption of fresh water, particularly in Egypt, Spain, India and Mexico, which experience high levels of water stress. Symrise’s water conservation efforts have led it to reduce its consumption in these countries by 12% compared to 2020.

According to Symrise, climate protection is also imperative to its corporate strategy. Beginning in 2030, the company plans to ensure all its operations are climate-positive, meaning that it will help prevent more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the air than it produces. The company also plans to make its entire supply chain climate neutral by 2045.

“Effectively protecting the climate, water and forests will enable us to continue to operate sustainably in the future, thus making a contribution to peoples' wellbeing,” said Bernhard Kott, chief sustainability officer at Symrise. “We see this award as a confirmation of our efforts. We are delighted by this renewed distinction, which motivates us continue on this path.”

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