GREENSBURG, IND. — Shepherd Boy Farms debuted its new Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, which aims to bring the farm to dogs’ bowls and help them thrive. Available in four recipes, each formula pairs a premium protein with organic whole produce.

“Our mission since the very beginning has been to provide top-quality, farm to table foods at affordable prices to pet parents across the country,” said Ashton Hood, owner of Shepherd Boy Farms. “We all want the absolute best for our pets, and that’s why we only use wholesome meat and fresh vegetables to create the perfect blend of nutrients that pets need to thrive.”

Shepherd Boy Farms’ Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is made with raw ingredients sourced from US farms and does not include synthetic supplements, grain, gluten, additives or preservatives. The formulas are available in Chicken, Beef, Bison and Fish Medley varieties, with each including organic fruits and vegetables.

The new formulas are made in-house, similar to the company’s other pet food products. The Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food is flash-frozen to lock in flavor, then placed into a vacuum chamber at sub-zero temperatures, which extracts moisture without compromising nutritional value. The food is also subjected to low, radiant heat to help further remove moisture without cooking it to ensure it’s completely shelf stable.

Shepherd Boy Farms’ new Freeze-Dried formulas can be served as a complete-and-balanced meal or a topper. The food is available in 14-oz bags.

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