ST. JOSEPH, MO. — Aaron Tucker, a retired first responder and police officer and now dog trainer, has partnered with DoggyRade to utilize the brand’s hydration products at his dog training school, Florida K9 Unleashed, in Central Florida.

Tucker and his team (and his canine clients) will work with DoggyRade’s existing product line to improve hydration in his working dogs. In the meantime, DoggyRade will work on a custom product line just for Tucker to promote through his “working dog adventures.”

“Dogs lose electrolytes and minerals through physical activity, and replenishing these nutrients without excessive water intake helps prevent bloat, which is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition in dogs,” Tucker said. “DoggyRade is all about replenishing those essential electrolytes.”

According to DoggyRade, the brand’s Prebiotic Drink promotes enterocytes, which absorb prebiotics, water and amino acids in a pet’s lower intestine. This results in “rapid rehydration” as the pet breaks food down into energy, DoggyRade explained. Studies cited by DoggyRade noted the dogs who drink its products take in five-times more water than dogs who drink only water.

“I’m excited to work with DoggyRade because hydration in dogs is not addressed the same way as human hydration,” Tucker added. “The product addresses the gap in the market while promoting responsible pet ownership through healthier, more active lives for dogs.”

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