PALMETTO, FLA. — Choice Pet Products announced a partnership with Dilly’s Poochie Butter, a manufacturer that specializes in natural peanut butter for dogs. Through the partnership, Choice Pet Products will carry Dilly’s Poochie Butter’s products to independent pet retailers throughout Florida.

“We are very excited to offer this amazing all-natural peanut butter designed for dogs,” said Bob Sledzinski, vice president of brand development at Choice Pet Products. “Poochie Butter is one of the first peanut butters specifically created for dogs with wholesome ingredients that pups can’t resist, and most importantly, this peanut butter contains no xylitol. Their product lineup gives retailers in our network an all-natural, safe peanut butter that their customers can feel good about offering to their pets.”

Dilly’s Poochie Butter was founded by Henry Warner, who served his dog medication hidden inside peanut butter meant for humans. Seeking to offer his dog a healthier alternative, Warner launched Dilly’s Poochie Butter made specifically for dogs. The company offers peanut butters for dogs and puppies, each containing six natural ingredients. Dilly’s Poochie Butter also offers peanut-butter based dog treats, as well as toy fillers and lick mats.

Dilly’s Poochie Butter donates 10% of its revenue monthly to dog shelters and animal welfare organizations throughout the United States.

“Poochie Butter has allowed me the opportunity to manufacture, develop and innovate in an industry that I love and appreciate,” Warner said. “Poochie Butter continually strives to create wholesome, quality products that better equip dogs and their owners. It is a blessing to be in a position to donate a portion of our proceeds back to pups in need. I am very excited to see what is in store for Poochie Butter as we continue to grow and develop.”

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