HELSINKI — On Sept. 28, Ahlstrom announced it has received recyclability certification for its proprietary FluoroFree® packaging solutions. Several of the company’s food packaging base papers passed Western Michigan University’s (WMU) Recyclability Certification.

“We are proud that our food packaging products passed Western Michigan University’s testing protocol for recyclability,” said Travis Dahlke, vice president of food packaging Americas at Ahlstrom. “Achieving this certification offers our customers and the marketplace yet another fiber-based solution to reduce traditional non-renewable materials in packaging engineering and creates a positive end-of-life scenario that consumers are demanding.”

Ahlstrom’s FluoroFree packaging solutions are produced at the company’s operations in North America and can be used for various food products, from quick-service restaurant packaging and microwave popcorn to confectionary and pet food. The company also recently expanded the line to include more grease-resistant solutions.

WMU’s Recyclability Certification tests take place at the university’s Pilot Plants, which are committed to advancing innovation of the recycling process, as well as package testing and certifications.

“Recyclable and compostable packaging plays a crucial role in addressing environmental concerns, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable practices,” Dahlke said. “By offering the marketplace options for sustainable packaging, the packaging value chain can play a key role in reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, helping to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.”

In addition to WMU’s certification, Ahlstrom also received accreditation from the Pet Sustainability Coalition for its PawPrint® line of solutions for pet food, as well as for its overall environmental impact, social responsibility initiatives and governance policies.

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