SABETHA, KAN. — Extru-Tech, Inc. recently hosted the first Pakistan Extru-Tech Extruder Technology Seminar and Forum, focusing on the aqua feed and pet food industries. The event included a seminar on the Principles of Extrusion and Technology for Feed and Food Production and sought to help foster growth in the Pakistani feed sector.

Extru-Tech has been supporting the Pakistani aquaculture market since 2011, after the company was selected to participate in a pilot project in the country.

In 2011, The World Bank, American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (ASA/WISHH) program, and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched the FEEDing Pakistan project to help increase Pakistan’s food production and close its protein gap. The pilot project sought to demonstrate the benefits of using soy-based, floating fish feed to farm tilapia in the country. Since the project began, aquaculture has become a strong economic sector for Pakistan, with the potential to create new industries and jobs and advance the country’s ability to provide more sustainable food.

To help further promote growth in this sector for Pakistan, Extru-Tech hosted the Pakistan Extru-Tech Extruder Technology Seminar and Forum on Aug. 22, which was also partially funded by the Kansas Department of Commerce’s State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). Extru-Tech also worked with the US Department of Commerce to invite select Pakistani companies to the event.

Extru-Tech's event gathered more than 120 attendeesSource: Dr. Zahid J. Yaqub, director, Pak Sakhra Aquafresh Pvt Ltd

According to Zahid Yaqub, Ph.D., international representative for Extru-Tech in Pakistan, the event gathered more than 120 attendees.

“We had a continued large attendance at the final session,” Yaqub said. “All of them either operated a fish feed facility or were involved directly or indirectly with fisheries. That included the Director Generals of Fisheries and Aquaculture from the country’s two most populous provinces, a couple of project directors of the Fisheries Development Board, and significant representation from individuals from the universities’ academia community.

“Almost all of the attendees came up to me afterward to express their appreciation of the contents, quality, depth of knowledge, and expertise of each of the presenters and the presentation itself,” he added. “During the break, a couple of corporate representatives even expressed an interest in diversifying to aquaculture or pet food after they complete an in-house study.”

The event included presentations on the technical side of extrusion, financing options for purchasing extruders and other equipment, and other topics.

According to Yaqub, developing countries, like Pakistan, are increasingly interested in evolving their aquafeed businesses without the need for significant expenditures. The pet food market may provide these countries with a significant opportunity, as pet food processors throughout the globe continue to witness increases in demand. Extru-Tech believes its equipment can benefit both Pakistani producers and the aquafeed and pet food markets, according to Yaqub.

With this in mind, and the success of the Pakistan Extru-Tech Extruder Technology Seminar and Forum, Extru-Tech is currently scheduling a second event for 2024.

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