LONDON and UZWIL, SWITZERLAND — On Aug. 30, processing technology provider Bühler and insect technology business Entocycle announced their partnership to offer end-to-end support for companies looking to implement large-scale black soldier fly (BSF) rearing operations.

The team effort, combining Bühler’s feedstock, larvae rearing and product processing solutions and Entocycle’s proprietary breeding technology, aims to increase the acceleration and accessibility of insect farming for feed applications.

“The industrial use of BSF is rapidly gaining traction among businesses seeking alternative feed protein sources and more sustainable practices,” said Andreas Baumann, head of market segment, Insect Technology, at Bühler. “To accelerate scaling this industry we must contribute to lowering the hurdles for companies to enter this business. That is why we are very pleased to cooperate with the Entocycle team in future projects, as they share the same philosophy as Bühler in ensuring the quality and reliability of their solutions.”

The partnership will offer solutions at various stages of BSF production, from concept to engineering to implementation, for interested parties around the world. According to Bühler, one of the key barriers of entry into this market is ensuring a reliable supply of larvae at such a large scale.

Inside Bühler’s Insect Technology Center (ITC) in Uzwil

Inside Bühler’s Insect Technology Center (ITC) in Uzwil, Switzerland. 

| Source: ©Bühler Group

“While the pioneers in this industry had to develop their own technology out of necessity to ensure a robust BSF breeding, companies now venturing into this industry will be able to rely on a proven and scalable solution,” Baumann said.

Bühler has been fine-tuning its insect protein capabilities for the last decade. With help from Entocycle, the two companies hope to provide others with scalable solutions that minimize their time to market.

“It’s going to be a great partnership, not only in the way that our businesses and teams complement one another in terms of respective skill sets and experience but also in the strong alignment of values around building a better and more sustainable world,” added Matthew Simmonds, managing director of Entocycle.

This is not the first time Bühler has partnered with an insect protein producer to support the emerging segment. In 2019, the company backed Protix in the development of what it described as the world’s first commercial BSF plant, which is located in the Netherlands. Bühler also built France’s first industrial-scale BSF facility for Agronutris, a partnership that was first announced in December 2021.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Bühler, a company with 163 years of illustrious history,” said Keiran Whitaker, founder and chief executive officer of Entocycle. “Our team is really excited to work with Andreas Baumann and his team to deliver large-scale BSF facilities around the world and make the impact that we know BSF farming can make in creating a more sustainable and efficient global food system.”

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