OAKLAND, CALIF. — During SUPERZOO 2023 from Aug. 16 to 18, AnimalBiome launched its newest production innovation — Fish Bits. The single-ingredient supplement topper offers environmental benefits.

Made for dogs and cats, Fish Bits serves as a high-quality protein supplement. The topper supplement is made from armored catfish, an invasive species currently devastating North American freshwater ecosystems, according to AnimalBiome.

“About 60% of cats and dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Research shows that feeding more protein and a smaller proportion of carbohydrates better supports a healthy body condition and may improve gut health,” said Holly Ganz, Ph.D., chief science officer at AnimalBiome. “Fish Bits offers an easy way for pet parents to increase their pet’s protein by supplementing the nutritionally balanced diet that they are already feeding. This can also benefit senior pets who, like people, require more protein as they age.”

In addition to its health benefits, Fish Bits is also “one of the most sustainable protein sources available on the market,” according to AnimalBiome. To achieve this, the company has partnered with a community of small-scale fishermen through a collaboration with PezzyPets, a company that sustainably removes armored catfish from local waterways. This partnership allows AnimalBiome to support the environment by protecting vulnerable fish species from overfishing, as well as fishing communities.

Fish Bits are safety tested for heavy metals to ensure food safety and are also free of additives. The topper can be used as an ingredient in homemade pet treats or used as a base for broths. The product is available in 3- and 8-oz compostable pouches via AnimalBiome’s e-commerce platform.

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