PEPEEKEO, HAWAII — Venison company Maui Nui Venison has recently launched a new raw dog food topper: Venison Pet Topper. The topper is made from wild-harvested venison, an invasive species in Hawaii.

The dog topper is made from USDA-approved Hawaiian Axis deer and uses the entire animal. The topper is formulated with green tripe, liver, heart, kidney, spleen, trachea, esophagus, lung, tendon and bone dust, and is loaded with various nutrients and phytochemicals to support overall health. According to Maui Nui, the topper includes more organ inclusion and nutrients than other pet food toppers, and also offers more benefits compared to a regular dog multivitamin.

Maui Nui's new Venison Pet TopperPhoto courtesy of Maui Nui Venison

Shipped frozen, Maui Nui recommends the topper be cut into eight cubes, with one cube served alongside one cup of dog food. The topper can also be served frozen as a multivitamin.

Similar to Maui Nui’s other products, the Venison Pet Topper is exclusively available through a subscription, with only 1,600 total subscriptions available. The topper, shipped in 1-lb packages for $32, will begin shipping out on Nov. 21. Consumers can purchase a minimum of 4 lbs of the topper, with a limit of 40 lbs.

As well as the new raw pet topper, Maui Nui also offers Venison Dog Treats, whole antlers and Axis deer antler dog chews.

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