MONTREAL, CANADA — Wilder Harrier, a Canadian pet food company utilizing alternative proteins to achieve maximum sustainability, announced Nov. 2 the release of its latest dog food formula. The formula includes Asian carp, an invasive species with a foothold in both Canadian and US rivers and lakes.

Wilder Harrier’s previous formulas include cricket proteins, a sustainable alternative to most other animal proteins due to reduced requirements for land and water for insect protein production.

The Asian carp dog food is currently available in some pet supply stores in Quebec. It will be rolled out across Canada beginning January 2021 and sold through Wilder Harrier’s website.

“We’re proud of providing dog owners with an eco-friendly alternative,” said Phil Poirier, co-founder of Wilder Harrier. “From now on, they’ll be able to ensure the well-being of their faithful companions while taking action for the environment.”

Wilder Harrier is partnering with American commercial fishing groups in Illinois to supply Asian carp for its new dog food formula. The pet food company hopes its efforts will spearhead the mitigation of invasive Asian carp throughout North America.

There are four invasive species of Asian carp — bighead, black, grass and silver — of which silver is the most prevalent in the Mississippi and Illinois rivers “due to their extremely high reproductive capacity,” Wilder Harrier explained. Silver Asian carp threatened native ecosystems by eating large quantities of aquatic plants, depleting food sources and protection areas for indigenous fish species.

The fishing method used by Wilder Harrier’s American partners is more targeted and sustainable than larger fishing operations, using small boats with fewer harvesters to catch this invasive species and leave behind indigenous fish species.

Wilder Harrier was founded in 2014, launched its first product, cricket protein dog biscuits, in November 2016, and its first complete-and-balanced dog food in August 2019. The company has since expanded to include black soldier fly protein, seaweed, spent juice pulp and other sustainable ingredient alternatives into its dog food, treat and dental chew formulas.

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