LAS VEGAS — Lord Jameson launched its new dog treat — Love Puffs — during SUPERZOO 2023 from Aug. 16 to 18. The new treat further diversifies Lord Jameson’s current offerings to include a crunchier format that is low-calorie and intended more as a snack than a treat.

Love Puffs are formulated with organic sorghum, a gluten-free grain that boasts a high amount of protein, iron and antioxidants, and is also highly digestible. The treats also contain premium, organic ingredients. They are free from soy, corn, dairy, preservatives and GMO ingredients.

Love Puffs are available in five flavors: Wild Berri, Party Time, Sweet Beat, Crispy Orchard and Go Nanas. Like all its other treats, Lord Jameson’s Love Puffs are produced in the company’s facility in Boulder, Colo.

The treats will be available to consumers later this fall.

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