PALM BEACH, FLA. — Dog wellness company Lord Jameson launched new seasonal dog treats on Feb. 21, called Speckled Eggs, to celebrate the upcoming spring season.

“We are very excited to bring this special treat to market to help pet parents include dogs in their Easter celebration,” said Sarah Golderberger, founder and chief executive officer of Lord Jameson. “This is our fourth seasonal POP product and the response and the demand for all of seasonal holiday products has been terrific. We look forward to treating dogs to our Speckled Eggs Easter treat this holiday.”

The Speckled Eggs treats are formulated with organic ingredients, including coconut, peanut butter and dates, and are decorated with yellow shreds of coconut. The treats also contain vitamins, minerals and superfoods and are free of gluten, soy, corn, dairy, GMOs and preservatives.

Speckled Eggs dog treats are packaged in a custom-designed tube sealed with a bunny-shaped topper. The treats are available at pet stores throughout the United States for $12.99.

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